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• Recommended as soil application
• For all crops, 50-100 kg Amoha is recommended for one acre at once.
• For long term crops yearly twice and short term crops yearly thrice must.

Keep it in Cool and Dry place. Keep away from Children and Pets.



• Increases alkalinity and taste.
• Increases stamina of crops to withstand severe drought.
• Keeps soil conductivity at normal level.
• Helps to improve photosynthesis in crops.

Magnesium: Increases the chlorophyll formation in leaves and helps in proper functioning of photosynthesis. It provides the best quality of fruits and vegetables.
Calcium: It is required for better growth of root, stem and leaves. It protects crop from the natural calamities such as excess heat, frost, cyclone and other effects.
Sulfur: To increase the quantity of protein and amino acids formation in crops, sulfur is required. It helps to increase oil source in oil seed crops, in vegetable crops such as onion, chilly, radish it increases fragrance.
Protein: It is responsible to carry the required quantity of amino acids from soil to plant which in turn increases plants vital growth.


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